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Welcome to the CNR-IOM IT services homepage.

On the left sidebar you can see a selection of topics covering the account request, the computer connection and printer setup.

On the bottom left you can also choose the language in which you want to read the documentation.


Stefano Bigaran +39 040 375 6424
Matteo Brutti +39 040 375 6460
Vanja Cvelbar +39 040 375 6456

Last News:

20160305 Due to the massive upgrades the operation took longer. The services should be now available again. There are still some issues with the FTP server which is very slow. In the near future there will again be some minor interruptions on some services.

20160301 On Saturday, March 5th from 8am to 4pm CET the operating system of the core servers will be upgraded. The following services will not be available:

  • time card checking
  • web pages
  • webmail service
  • email access
  • outgoing email
  • mailing list management (CNR-IOM & NFFA)
  • facility reservation service
  • VPN service
  • FTP service

20160226 The Kyocera printer is available again

20160225 09:56 The VPN service is now available, the operation was completed successfully.

20160224 Tomorrow from 8:00 to 15:00 CET there will be some interruptions in the VPN service due to the upgrade of the underlying operating system.

20160223 The Kyocera printer is out of order. It should be repaired in 2-3 days.

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